20 August 2009

Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Tokyo

Chloë Sevigny by Joe DeNardo is the first in a series of short films commissioned by Opening Ceremony in celebration of the new store opening in Tokyo on August 30. The first film in the series of three imagines Chloë 's world as a phantasmagoria of color and analog film photography. The video includes a dream-like montage of Chloë styling herself in the collection spliced with colorful abstraction, a shot of the highly coveted Buckle Boots, sneak peaks of Chloë's upcoming book Reds, and a mysterious voiceover in an alien language. DeNardo, a friend of Chloë's, followed the collection from its early design stages last year, through magazine shoots, fashion presentations, and now finally, to the collction's debut in Tokyo. In other words, he's the perfect person to capture the essence of Chloë's new collection of menswear for men and women. Look out for Joe's band Growing, performing at our Opening Celebration on August 29. - selected from Opening Ceremony

A Film by Joe DeNardo featuring Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Tokyo
Film Direction/ Joe DeNardo
Featuring/ Chloë Sevigny
Source/ Opening Ceremony

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