26 September 2009

Vitalic - See the Sea (Red)

Pascal Arbex-Nicolas, better known to the clubbing fraternity as Vitalic, delivers his sophomore album of euphoric Euro-synths and pounding EBM styles. You kinda know what you're getting into with Vitalic, and if you don't, then you may want to back away quietly and leave like nobody saw you. This is Clubbing music with a capital C, for people who like to get smashed and have a good pound-off. The title track has refined his formula of everlasting crescendos and mechanical rhythms to an immediately effective hit, while 'One And Above' will appeal to fans of older Belgian New Beat, and 'Terminatuer Benelux' for the new school heads (probably the same people actually), while 'Second Lives' is like the NRG-Tranz that Tiesto wishes he had the balls to make. 'Your Disco Song' is our favourite, featuring enough nuclear powered synthlines and naughty vocoders to make up for the current MDMA drought for about, ooh, 3mins 37secs? In times of need, turn to Vitalic, he still knows how to get it.

TRACKLISTING: 1. See the Sea (Red) 2. Poison Lips 3. Flashmob 4. One Above One 5. Still 6. Terminateur Benelux 7. Second Lives 8. Alain Delon 9. See the Sea (Blue) 10. Chicken Lady 11. Your Disco Song 12. Station Mir 2099 13. Chez Septime

Vitalic - See the Sea (Red)

Song/ See the Sea (Red)
Artist/ Vitalic
Released/ Sep 2009
Visit/ Vitalic on MySpace | Vitalic
Pre-order on/ iTunes

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