19 July 2009

Hooked on colette - The New Compilation

"Always ready to satisfy our addictions and obsessions colette gives you a date on July 7th, for the issuance of a dose of a legal and musical pleasure: "Hooked on colette", the new compilation of the 213 compiled by Michel Gaubert and Marie Branellec.

The most daring mixtures are the best when they are assayed, the symphonies of Beethoven and Britten stand next to Murcof electronica interpretation of Lully, and to the yet exclusive "Rondo Parisiano" of The String electro Baroque duet "Something A La Mode", accompanied through the voice of Karl Lagerfeld.

The trip goes on with the fetishism according to Tiga, The Apocalypse according to Krikor, the bewitchment according to Dirty Projectors, the raw magnetism according to The XX, The urgency according to Blank Dogs, The flow of the schoolgirls Fly Girlz transported taken to new territories by the production of Nathan Corbin, an invitation to slow dance with Jeremy Jay, a trippy version of Korgis by The Field .... Among other "extraterrestrials" and a bit perverse pleasures.

Urgent or smooth, hard or soft, the musics of Hooked on colette are stimulant products to be consumed without moderation - up to the addiction, without a prescription." -
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